Thanks for allowing All About Fun’s Party Jump Rentals (PARTY JUMP) to turn your party into an event. We really appreciate your business. It’s important to us that your party be a success. We need some assistance from you to help ensure success. BEFORE YOUR PARTY please READ this info over carefully so your event can be ALL ABOUT FUN!


Check all the delivery information at the top of the page, so that we can go directly to the correct place ON TIME.
Please make sure that the area where the unit/s will be placed is the correct size (see website for dimensions), flat and free of debris (including doggy land mines).
Check the pathway to the area is clear of garbage cans, toys, pets and any other obstacles. We are there to set up your party equipment; we are not movers. Thanks for your understanding.
Have a pathway (minimum of 3.5 feet) to delivery area, and an electrical source within 100 ft.
Units cannot be set up on dirt under any circumstance.


Be advised: ANYONE renting the Combos (3 in 1, and 5 in 1) Interactive, Slides, Adrenaline Rush, Wild Rapids or Big Kahuna (all units except Bounces and Basic Water Slides). Before our arrival: MAKE SURE UNIT CAN FIT THRU GATE OR ENTRY WAY to set up area. Minimum 4 ft wide. If in doubt, choose an alternative location for the units.

Deliveries can be made from 4 to 6 hours to 10 minutes before party time (1 hr to 10 minutes before party time if at a park). Pick up of your Party Jump can be made several minutes to several hours, after your scheduled pick up time. FOR PARK PARTIES THE PICK UP TIME IS NOT A GUARANTEE. BE PREPARED TO STAY AFTER THE PICK UP TIME. NOTIFY US IN ADVANCE OF ANY EXACT PICK UP TIME.>

NO Stairs, Hills, Dirt or Obstacles 100 FOOT RULE. If the driver must go up or down stairs or a slope greater than 15 degrees, or if there is an obstacle (i.e. fence, cars, etc.) he must encounter in order to deliver the unit, WE MUST BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE AND THERE MAY BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE. 100 FOOT RULE WE MUST BE ABLE TO DRIVE WITNIN 100FT OF SET UP AREA. ONCE THE EUIPMENT IS UNROLLED WE WILL NOT MOVE THE EQUIPMENt.


YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EQUIPMENT – PLEASE MAKE SURE all equipment comes back clean and in the same condition.There is a $50 cleaning charge per unit – that includes concessions. Party Jump cannot be responsible for rolling blackouts, electrical problems if using own generator, or any other electrical problems other than with our own equipment.



ALL PAYMENTS ON DELIVERY PLEASE: Cash, Credit Card or Company checks are accepted. No personal checks!

We require at least 20% deposit to hold your equipment. You have up to 14 days Before your event to cancel ,and your deposit will be refunded.

Rain GUARANTEE: You may cancel if it is raining the morning of your rental. NO discounts will be given once our drivers get to your location to set up. If you are unable to wait till the last minute, we will gladly reschedule your event. We will be in contact with you, so don’t worry; it’s only rain.

You have up to 48 hours before your event to reschedule. (You may not get the same equipment but the same value will apply.) Any time afterthat, you will be responsible for the total event price. Visa or MasterCard may be used over the telephone until the Thursday prior to party. Please have cash or money order ready upon arrival. Company, Church, Cashiers Check or Money Orders are accepted. No personal checks (unless received 14 days in advance).